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Fall 2018 Program Orientation

Fall 2018 Program Orientation

Ideal STOP Program participants are marginalized Transitional Age Youth (TAY) who live in Marin county, including students from the four continuation high schools - Marin Oaks, Madrone, San Andreas, and Marin’s Community School. Potential participants face a myriad of issues throughout their young lives, from childhood abuse and neglect to racism and social inequality, which can lead to substance use and other destructive behaviors. Because of the accessibility of our innovative program and the lived experience of our dedicated staff, Surviving The Odds Project fulfills a need that cannot be met by the formal system of care.

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program DESIGN


The goal of the STOP Program is to empower youth and help prevent the likelihood of substance abuse, self-injurious behaviors, and involvement with the criminal justice system. Through reflective self-exploration and musical self-expression, with the support of our culturally competent team, program participants are given a healthy outlet in which to cope with their emotions and traumatic experiences. Ongoing feedback is obtained from participants in order to better tailor future programs to community needs and improve access to our services.

The program objective is for all participants to write and record individual songs and work together to create group songs featuring STOP staff and peer mentors who have graduated the program. Participants will also produce music videos for each of their songs. At the end of each season, STOP provides a free graduation concert to the community in order to showcase their original songs and music videos and to recognize the hard work that went into creating them. Participants who successfully finish the program receive a completion certificate, wall plaque, t-shirt, sweatshirt, backpack, and compilation album of their program’s graduating class.

R.A. and YA performing together at SRJC in April 2018

R.A. and YA performing together at SRJC in April 2018


Program Purpose

Self Exploration

Taking a look at our own thoughts, feelings, behaviors and motivations allows us to understand the roots of who we are and find answers to all the questions we have about ourselves. This awareness leads to acceptance of who we are and why we do what we do, which improves self-esteem, communication and relationships.

self expression

Setting forth our thoughts, feelings, and opinions into writing lyrics enables us to reveal aspects of our character and uncover our authentic selves.  This gives us the ability to become the leading role in our own life story, contribute to any situation in which we find ourselves, and find freedom from the fear of how others will receive what we want to express.

Music therapy

Delivering avenues of communication for those who find it difficult to express themselves, research has shown music to be an effective means of providing emotional support for people and their families. Music offers a healthy outlet for the expression of feelings, preventing the likelihood of substance use and other destructive behaviors.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.
— Ludwig Van Beethoven


Let's Jam.

Use the form below to contact us regarding how to become a program participant.  Please include your name, age, city of residence, and your contact info.  One of our Outreach Coordinators will be in touch shortly.  You may also email or call us to schedule an interview.

For information about contributing to the program, with either your time, talent, or expertise, we’re always looking to collaborate with exceptional people. Shoot us a message here:

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